GPNS Logistics through its partner CargoCover®, offers comprehensive cargo insurance at great rates for your personal shipments.

There are no minimum annual premiums – you only pay for what you use

Our insurance provides coverage for ocean, air and inland shipments. All the paperwork is done for you so you know that you have the insurance coverage that you need and the certificates in hand at the right time.

CargoCover®  is one of the world’s most trusted cargo insurance companies – more than $16 billion dollars worth of cargo has been insured through the CargoCover®  system.

CargoCover® can offer comprehensive cargo insurance coverage at exceptionally competitive rates by embracing online efficiencies. There are no minimum annual premiums- just pay for what you use.

Comprehensive Coverage

CargoCover® is an online cargo insurance application which provides complete cargo insurance coverage for Ocean, Air and Inland shipments, allowing shippers, forwarders and NVOs to manage all their cargo insurance needs anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Small Moves

Get it right, on time

CargoCover® reduces manual data entry through drop down lists and buttons, saving you time and reducing entry errors while you book your cargo insurance. Instant quotes and electronic certificates ensure that you or your customers have coverage in place and certificate in hand at the right time.


CargoCover® is one of the world’s most trusted online cargo insurance applications. Backed by the global reach and expertise of Marsh, through Marsh Canada Limited, CargoCover® gives you the confidence of being cared for by the best.