Sky Luggage

Skyluggage offers air service for all of your unaccompanied, excess luggage to over 200 countries and over 5,000 cities worldwide.

Skyluggage is a proud member of the Global Pack n Ship group of companies and one of Canada’s leading shippers of domestic & international removalshousehold effects and excess baggage to worldwide locations.

At Skyluggage you pay only a small percentage of the airlines excess baggage rates with the benefits of superior service and on time arrival.

We provide daily air freight shipping to all major destinations. We can take care of your unaccompanied baggage, excess luggage and personal effects in boxes, bags or suitcases.

As the preferred baggage shipper for many airline carriers, we offer a wide selection of excess baggage services, from your residence via our airport drop center at the Vancouver International Airport or from our Surrey BC secured warehouse.

Your goods will always be secure travelling through our secure supply chain system.

Skyluggage offers custom solutions for your excess luggage shipping at very economical rates. In most cases your goods can travel cheaper by air than they would by ocean. There are never any hidden costs or surprises.

  • Unaccompanied Luggage
  • Personal Effects Shipping
  • No Limits
  • No Size Restrictions
  • No Hassle
  • We take care of all the details – all of the paperwork.
  • A copy of the airway bill for retrieval of goods at destination
  • Digital photos of your goods prior to shipping
  • Tracking number sent to you for your shipment
  • Superior customer service
Specialty Packing Services


Global Pack n Ship can give you short and long term storage in case you need to have your goods shipped at a later date to meet your travel itinerary.